Stop doing these 6 things that cause wrinkles

As you age, so does your skin. And some everyday habits aren’t helping the situation. The good news is that there are things you can start doing now to improve the health of your skin. During the aging process, your skin loses elastic fibers and collagen production slows. The loss of elastic fibers causes wrinkles … Read more

How to Apply Eye Cream & When to Start Using It

Taking care of the skin around your eyes is key to maintaining a fresh, rested, and youthful appearance. From understanding your eye area to selecting the right ingredients, and of course, how to apply your chosen eye cream, here’s our guide to achieving brighter, refreshed eyes. Why You Get Dry Skin Around the Eyes Did … Read more

Ingredients to Avoid in Your Anti-Aging Skin Care Products

There are dozens upon dozens of anti-aging skin care products to choose from, and it’s often difficult to determine the right product for your skin type. When making your decision, it’s best to ignore any fancy packaging and instead focus on the ingredients list. Dermatologists recommend avoiding certain ingredients, such as sodium lauryl sulfate and parabens. Sodium Lauryl … Read more

Skincare: Sun damage, aging and dry skin

Taking care of your skin is important to prevent harmful damage, including cancer. Here are some tips to protect your skin from sun damage, aging and drying. Skin care for anti-aging and sun protection for all age groups Sun avoidance and photoprotection are important, but can’t be relied upon all the time. The most important … Read more

Why Facial Masks are a Skincare Must

Is there anything better than coming home from a long week, and putting on a face mask, and watching your favorite TV show? Well, face masks aren’t just fun, they’re actually a very important part of your weekly skincare routine. Why Should I Apply a Facial Mask? What are the Benefits of Face Masks? From … Read more

Top 5 Benefits of Exercise for Skin Health

The coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has resulted in some challenging life changes for many of us. From transitioning to working at home to teaching kids at the dinner table, life has been a little different for many of us since March. However, the life changes we’re experiencing during the pandemic haven’t all been negative. Many of … Read more

Which skin care fads are worth the hype?

There are myriad skin care products and devices on the market that promise flawless skin. With the COVID-19 pandemic keeping people at home, you may be tempted to try a few. Before you place that online order, it would be helpful to know which trends can deliver on the hype. Facial Masks Who wouldn’t want … Read more

Benefits of Green Tea for Skin

Green tea has been a popular ingredient since ancient times, due to its various health benefits. People drink green tea to help with weight loss, relieve cold or flu symptoms, and provide various other benefits. But in addition to those benefits, topical application of Green Tea to the skin has many benefits. With its soothing … Read more