FAQs About Types of Wrinkles

If you’re concerned about skin aging, the first thing you should know is that all wrinkles are not created equal. Different types of wrinkles require different anti-aging treatments, so it’s important to work with your dermatologist to find the right solution for your skin issues. As you weigh your options for anti-aging skincare treatments, consider the answers to your questions about different types of wrinkles.

Why should I care what kind of wrinkles I have?

For many people who want to treat their wrinkles, getting rid of them is more important than understanding them. However, by knowing the kinds of wrinkles you have, you can tailor your treatments accordingly. For example, wrinkles that appear on taut skin, called atrophic crinkling rhytids, often respond to topical treatments that contain vitamin A, while dynamic expression lines do not. Recognizing the types of wrinkles that are affecting your skin is the first step to getting the right treatment for them.

How can I identify my wrinkles?

In some cases, you may be able to tell which kinds of wrinkles you have by looking at them closely. Dynamic expression lines appear where your skin folds when you make facial expressions, such as around your eyes when your squint. Gravitational folds often appear on your cheeks. However, the best way to identify your wrinkles correctly is to make an appointment with your dermatologist. He or she will explain what kinds of wrinkles you have and recommend the appropriate treatments.

Does any treatment work for all kinds of wrinkles?

Treating different kinds of wrinkles requires different remedies, but some basic skincare techniques can slow the appearance and progression of wrinkles. Wearing sunscreen daily is essential since sun damage accelerates skin aging. Avoid smoking, get an adequate amount of sleep, and eat a healthy diet to keep your skin as healthy as possible.

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